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HostageMaster Pinakabagong bersyon 1.112

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HostageMaster - Kopyahin HostageMaster, bersyon 1.112

Sa ngayon ay wala pa kaming rebyu tungkol sa software: HostageMaster, bersyon 1.112. Kung gusto mo magsulat ng rebyu tungkol dito ay huwag kang mag-atubili na ipadala ito sa amin at kami na naman ay malulugod na isama ito sa website.

HostageMaster is a game any chess player would love. It has all the usual pieces and usual rules, but comes with a small twist, which is the ability to return captured pieces back onto the board. In other words, the game lets you play Hostage Chess – an exciting variant of conventional chess isn’t it?
This minor change results in a thrilling strategic game that can change at the blink of an eye. Hostage Chess is as deep as conventional chess, but is filled with tactics and strategies just waiting to be uncovered.
When playing HostageMaster, the opponent is your own computer. While the opposition may not be easy, you can adjust the difficulty level before you play. You can also save the positions and continue from there later on.
Additionally, you have the option to completely resize the board as well. However, one thing the game lacks is multiplayer capabilities, which is unfortunate. Nonetheless, playing with the computer is just as fun.
When it comes to the system requirements for the game, they are quite low, so you can expect it to work flawlessly on almost any system.
All things considered, HostageMaster is a chess game you will definitely enjoy playing.

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Tasa (or retain rating):7 (Users193)
Ranggo sa Strategy Games:10
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Laki ng file:0.57 MB
Huling update:6/9/2012
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Mga linggwahe: Ingles
Developer:Aristophanes Games
Bilang ng kopya (Tagalog):0
Bilang ng kopya (Buong mundo):6,165

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Pangalan ng developer: Aristophanes Games
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